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Mondial Research Group offers pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies a variety of research services to assist in the characterization of discovery leads and drug candidates. Research studies can be conducted either in the client's facilities or at an appropriately selected and monitored CRO.

Recent Mondial Research Group clients have included both pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology firms where assistance has been provided in designing experiments and evaluating results from studies on oligonucleotide and polypeptide drug candidates and on CNS, oncology, HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular, and dermatology NCE drug candidates.
  • Developability assessment for discovery lead optimization and selection.
  • Evaluation, selection, and monitoring of CROs.
  • Document preparation and/or review.
  • Bioanalytical and analytical chemistry.
  • Pharmacokinetics and toxicokinetics.
  • Drug metabolism and ADME.
  • Drug delivery and formulation characterization
  • Pharmacology and toxicology
  • In-silico virtual screening services
For further information regarding your project requirements contact Dr.James Paxton
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