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Predictive Human Toxicity and ADME/Tox Studies

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Training Course:

Evaluation of ADMET Drug Properties in Drug Discovery and Development
January 28th - 29th, 2014
Brussels, Belgium

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9th Annual International Conference on Predictive Human Toxicity and ADME/Tox Studies
January 30th - 31st, 2014
Brussels, Belgium

Mondial Research Group will bring together scientific experts from the Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industry to present and discuss recent advances towards accurately predicting human toxicities and screening earlier in the drug discovery process.

In this 9th year we will explore the latest and novel technologies being used in the field of Predictive Toxicology and ADME/Tox. The inclusion of the 3r's principles will also be explored in great depth. Below are some of the speakers that will be presenting at the conference.

Mark Seymour (Xceleron) – Human Microdosing and Beyond: Enhancing Early Clinical Development using AMS

Bart van der Burg (EC/JRC) - Chemscreen: An In Vitro Test Battery to Detect Reproductive Toxicants

Amin Rostami (University of Manchester) - CSS program (Cardiac Safety Simulator)

Nick Thomas (GE Life Sciences)- Multi-Electrode Arrays Comprehensive Assessment of Drug Cardiac Liabilities

Brett Howell (The Hamner Institute) - Applications of a Mechanistic Model of Drug-Induced Liver Injury (DILIsym®) in Predictive Toxicology

Peter O’Brien (University College Dublin)- HCA and Predictive Toxicity testing

Jayne Wright (Syngenta) – Biomarkers of Target Organ Specific Changes and Exposure Based Thresholds

Vincent Paget (CEA France) - Carboxylated Nanodiamonds are Neither Cytotoxic Nor Genotoxic on Human Cell Lines and are Potential Negative Control for Nanotoxicology Studies

Andras Dinnyes (Utrecht University) - ESCs and iPSCs in Drug Discovery and Toxicity Testing

Richard Thompson (AstraZeneca) - Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategies for Reactive Metabolites in Drug Discovery

Anna Fischer-Berenbein (Bayer) - New In Vitro Method to Predict Immunosuppresive Effects of Compounds with Blood Cells of different Species Including Humans

There is still time to submit an abstract. You may submit your abstract by Clicking Here.
Your topics should fall within the scope of Predictive Toxicology, ADME/TOX, or 3r's.

There will be an extensive short course on "Evaluation of ADMET Drug Properties in Drug Discovery and Development" the two days prior to the conference.

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Dr. James Paxton.

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Cristina C. Lungu

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