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Reduced Animal Testing
January 26th - 27th, 2017
London, United Kingdom

Animals have been kept as pets and for consumption since the beginning of time, and in most recent years for experimental purposes. Although most of the experiments performed on these animals are regarded as important for the furtherance of human and veterinary science, there is a strong movement from within the scientific community to develop methods that do not rely on animals.

Although we see many efforts in reducing animal suffering and animal experiments. It still may take a long time before we will be able to replace all animal experiments. Until such a time comes it is our responsibility to ensure every effort will be taken to reduce both the number and suffering of experimental animals.

Areas of Discussion:

  • An in Depth Study of the 3R's
  • Relative and Absolute Replacement Models
  • Difficulties of Extrapolating a Results to the Human Situation
  • In Vitro Methods: Replacement or Addition to Animal testing
  • Computer Modeling, Biochemical Techniques and In Vitro Methods
  • The Refinement and Reduction of Suffering of Experimental Animals Before, During and After an Experiment
  • and more...

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Who Should Attend:

Senior level directors, managers and scientists in drug discovery, preclinical development, ADME, DMPK, pharmokinetics, drug metabolism, toxicology, computational chemistry, molecular modeling, cheminformatics, drug design, biomolecular screening, physical chemistry, medicinal chemistry, lead optimization. Senior Executives, Heads and VP's of Applied Research, Applied Biology, Bioinformatics, Biology, Chemistry, Medical Affairs, Pre-Clinical Development, R&D, Regulatory Affairs, Scientific Affairs

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